The Importance Of Tracking

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A few years ago, when I first started my online journey, I spend a lot of money on advertising, yes I made a lot too but unfortunately after some time, I realized a lot of my advertising money is gone and I just don’t know where!

Like the famous line goes “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; I just don’t know which half.”

After I started tracking all my advertising, may it be from Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Solo Ads etc., I basically reduced the cost of my advertising and make a lot more!

A wise Marketer will always track their ads by split testing, tracking which sales copy is performing and which is not, which ad company perform better with which sales page and see which offer perform best.

All the advertisement you see on TV commercial are doing the same thing…

…and today, the Internet has made it even easier, faster and more efficient than ever to track, optimize then scale your advertising campaign.

It doesn’t matter what you do on the internet, you MUST track because tracking is critical to your success as an Internet Marketer.

So whether you’re selling your own stuff, you’re an affiliate marketer, you’re a coach or a consultant, a network marketer, or anything else – unless you have a “marketing department” to do it for you, this is just something you must be good at.

The Fact About Tracking

Unless you are the luckiest person on earth, you’ve got almost no chance at all to be successful if you are not tracking your incoming traffic and optimizing your funnel.

I’ve travel the online journey for more than 8 years, so trust me this much when I say tracking is the only “secret” you will ever need in order to make a kill online even though it’s really a pain to set it up.

This is how the top marketers do it, this is how the huge giant company do it and this is also how individual successful Internet Marketers do it, how wrong can it be? – JUST DO IT!

No matter what you do on the internet, no matter how big or small it is, may it be a $1,500 product or just a $1 product you MUST TRACK if you want to travel a fruitful online journey.

You might be saying “I’m just a small fry, or small online business owner or a solopreneur, I don’t have to track”. WRONG! in fact the smaller you are, the more you have to track because you do not have much money to waste like the giant companies or rich online marketers.

The Cool Thing About Tracking

Even though it’s not actually fun or exciting and you need a lot of time setting it upbut once it’s done, you will enjoy the benefits for a long time to come. Think of it as a dividend that pay you everyday for the rest of your online career.

This is what I call free money and it’s a lot too!

From what I observe, most of my new students are spending their time playing around with this and that wanting to get an extra optin when they do not even setup their tracking properly. I guess it’s just one of those thing where it doesn’t hurt when you don’t know.

Do you know that from statistic, by just implement some basic tracking and optimization, you can easily increase your profits by 18% – 55% or even more in some cases.

The beauty about tracking is that you do not need to be a rocket scientist to master it, all you need is a good tracker, learn how it works and you can be an expert tracker really quickly.

Let’s be honest here – not everyone can build great sales or optin pages, sure, you can learn and practice and practice and practice and you will get better even if you have it in you, it will take years to master but…

…everyone can easily become an expert on tracking fairly quickly afterall it’s just about some strategies and calculation. It doesn’t matter if numbers and you don’t see eye to eye because a good tracking system like ClickMagick will handle it all for you.

Why is Click Tracking Important?

With all honesty, click tracking is not only important, instead it’s darn important. Every ad you see on the net is pay per click that’s why it’s very important! Every click can cost up to $3 and much more depending on niche – if everyone is clicking without buying, hmmm…

Just a few months back, I helped a student of mine double her sales and brought down her ads cost by almost double in less than 2 months with just basic click tracking and optimization strategies – I’m sure you can do the math here.

What really sadden me is, I find that most people in our industry have no freakin’ clue about tracking. Don’t get me wrong here, they are all fire up, hardworking, willing to throw in 18 – 20 hours a day working yet they are not getting the result – all because they are not tracking!

I’ve made a lot of money since I started my online journey, I know I’ve been very low profile doing quite a number of “stuff” most Gurus are preaching but failed to do.

Beside the basic stuff like affiliate marketing, email marketing and of course hard work, I owe my success to my ability to track, test and optimize so whatever you do, don’t be fooled by the simplicity of tracking.

Last words about Tracking

Before you start anything, most important of all is to take action!

I can assure you that if you start to track, test and optimize, in less than a month you will be making more money than you could ever imagine.

I can understand this tracking thingy can get technical as you dig deeper but generally, it’s very simple and straight forward.

In the next article, I’m going to guide you through the 20% which will produce 80% of your result and I promise you that after implementing it, you will get a much better ROI.

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