How To Escape Spam Folder

Escape spam folder

The greatest fear of an Email Marketer is hitting spam folder because once you landed in spam folder, nobody is going to read your email no matter how good is the content.

I know a lot of people are going to argue that if we use a good AR like Aweber or The Conversion Pro or Convertkit you are safe but let me tell you this, I can prove to you that a lot of emails from very reputable ESPs are hitting my spam folder.

So, how do you avoid the disaster?

Most important of all is your domain and IP reputation. For example, if you are using Aweber to send broadcast, of course Aweber Domain and IP has the reputation but your sending domain doesn’t have the reputation if it’s new.

For example, I’m sending out a broadcast using my own AR “” and my sending domain us – I will see something like this “ via ” Screenshot below:

So the conclusion is: If “” and IPs has got bad reputation or in blacklist, everything that “” send will go to spam or worst it won’t even deliver.

Let’s say “” and it’s IPs has got good reputation, then inboxing rate will depend on domain “”.

How To Avoid Spam Folder


First and most important thing of all is “Engagement” meaning, if you send a broadcast and you’ve got 1% Open Rate (OR) with 0.1% Click Through Rate (CTR) then you can expect all your broadcast to land in spam folder in no time.

Please refer to How To Improve Open And Click Through Rate for more detail on what’s the average OR and CTR.


This is another killer but what is “complain” all about?

When your subscriber move your email from inbox to spam folder or click the junk or spam buttom/link or click on the report spam button/link, this is counted as Complain.

The allowable complain rate is 0.1% so you might want to be very careful because ISP like Yahoo will temporary block all your delivery if you exceed their complain quota.


Spamtrap (sometimes it’s refer to as honeypot) is also another killer, if you do not know what a spamtrap is, refer to this article by wikipedia

So, make it a good habit to do some house cleaning every 3 months by removing those who do open or click your email for 90 days.

Hard Bounces

A hard bounce is an e-mail message that has been returned to the sender because the recipient’s address is invalid. A hard bounce might occur because the domain name doesn’t exist. There are a few type of bounces but what will effect your delivery rate is Hard Bounces.

A hard bounce rate of 5% or above is enough to cause most ESPs to reach out or take action to restrict your sending, although some allow as high as 8% hard bounces.

Spam Words

If you take a look at the list of spam word, you will shake your head in disbelieve but it’s how ISP’s algorithm works to identify spam emails so we will have to accept it and try our best to avoid using certain words to in order not to trigger the spam flag.

You can check your email for spam word here

If you can get all these 5 criteria done properly, there is no reason why you cannot inbox. If you are buying leads or scrapping from the internet, then you can expect to collect plenty of spam trap, hard bounces and complains.

It’s best to start building your list legitimately & you will never be wrong!

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