Travelling A Fruitful Online Journey

Online Journey

There are a lot of people giving up their journey as an online entrepreneur because they do not understanding the whole concept of Internet Marketing with the addition of over promised products or scam which is easily available on the net.

Thinking back when I first started my online journey in year 2010, I basically bought all the products which can promise me fast easy cash with as little work as possible and of course you should know the result.

Even though the main problem is not the in the product itself even though a lot of them are shitty but it’s my mentality of wanting fast cash with no or little work and that caused my downfall thus I failed again and again.

Have you ever wonder why there are so many people laughing all the way to the bank and you are not when you are using the same blueprint?

There are 2 reasons:

1 – Fake screenshot on sales pages. duhhh… try googling “Paypal screenshot” – Isn’t it amazing we tend to fall for simple trick like this?

2 – It’s not that the blueprint or system doesn’t work, in fact I can tell you that most of the strategies works but lack of 1 important thing and that is “TRAFFIC”

But before we dig deeper into traffic let’s talk about “Funnel” and “Tools”.


We all know that funnel is one of the most important part in Internet Marketing. In fact, if you realize, all the legitimate products that you bought, they have their own unique funnel for you to duplicate, ever wonder why?

Well, let’s take a look at this simple scenario:

1 – A visitor somehow or rather landed on your website or sales page or optin page, then 15 seconds later he leaves your website as he’s not interested, you lost him forever.

2 – A visitor landed on your sales page, he bought whatever you are selling, pay and he download the product.

Now, what’s wrong with that?

Most will say nothing is wrong but do you know that you are leaving a lot of money on the table?

That is because you allow the visitor to do what they want!

You should be controlling your website visitor and guide them to wherever you want them to go and to stay at your website as long as possible and after they buy item “A” show them item “B” or if they are not interested in item “A” show them item “B” etc – This is what funnel all about!

Setting up funnel might take some effort and a lot of time even for season marketers so, why waste time?

Use a proper tool to do it!


Let’s say you are an email marketer, you use email autoresponder for collecting, storing and sending email to your subscribers automatically but if you are using your autoresponder to only collect, store and send broadcast, manually then you are set for failure as you are not utilizing it to it’s full capacity like, automation, segmenting openers, clickers and buyers, A/B testing etc.

In another words, you have to select the proper tool to do your job and don’t go overboard like using a 10 pound sledge hammer to drive a tiny nail. So before choosing the proper tools, you MUST do some research before jumping in.

So what you need to do is draw up your funnel and then identify the proper tool to build up your funnel before sending traffic to it.


Basically, “Traffic”, “Funnel” & “Tools” are your life line in Internet Marketing.

If you got the traffic but do not have the tool to harvest it, you are not making anything same as if you’ve got the best tool and funnel but do not have any traffic, you will not be making anything at all.

This bring back to why a lot of people failed is because they are supplied with “Funnel” & “Tools” but not the traffic – you need all 3 to be able to really make your online journey a fruitful one.

Traffic is the last puzzle that you need which you will never get from any product you buy.

So how to resolve this issue?

Resolving “TRAFFIC” issue

There are many way you can drive traffic to wherever you want, it’s not that difficult.

Let’s say your niche is “Make Money Online” you can get traffic from (Depending on what you want the traffic for)

1 – Paid Traffic from Adwords, FB ads, Bing Ads, Solo Ads & re-target them etc…
2 – SEO
3 – Forum and social media and many more

MOST IMPORTANT of all, capture their email and once you’ve done that, you will enjoy years of free traffic and you can sell them backend again and again.

So if you want to be successful online:

1 – Draw up your funnel
2 – Use the correct tool to build your funnel
3 – Drive traffic to your funnel
4 – Capture their emails
5 – Send your offers through follow ups and broadcast

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