Crafting The Most Effective Funnel For Listbuilding

Crafting effective funnel

The Basic Foundation Of List Building

Okay, so first things first… I wanted to let you know what is needed in order to implement the listbuilding strategies. I am not going to go over each of these basic necessities in specifics, but I will let you know what you need and give you some resources that can help.

Hosting & Domain Name

Like most things Internet Marketing, you will need some sort of hosting. This is so you can host your website and any other files you might need.

This is the hosting sites that I recommend:

MDD Hosting – Fast servers, smooth and easy to navigate interface and awesome support! This is one of the best hosting company I’ve been with! Highly recommended

…or you can choose any other hosting that you want. It really doesn’t matter and it all comes down to personal preference.


There are many options out there for Autoresponders. In case you don’t know what is a autoresponder, it is a complete system that can collect, store and email your email subscribers. The most popular ones all have a monthly cost but usually have a free 30 days trial or 14 days trial.

Aweber – Offers FREE trail for 30 days. Their delivery & inboxing rate is second to none. Almost all the big marketers are using Aweber. Highly recommended

There are many more out there like Convertkit, The Conversion Pro, Getresponse, Constant Contact, etc… if you already have an account with one of these just go ahead and use that if you’d like. If you don’t have an account yet, Aweber is the ones that I use and would recommend.

Squeeze Page/Optin Page

A squeeze page (also known as Optin Page) is what is used to capture the visitors email address.

As far as the design of the squeeze page is concern, you want a NICE BIG HEADLINE and also a call to action underneath.

In some cases there will be some bullet points about what they will receive for free and maybe an image of an eBook or product. You will need to give something away for free but I will go over this in more detail in the phases below. Here are some examples.


Here are some squeeze page options that I have used and still use to this day.

Wishloop – This is my favourite platform to use. You can make sales pages, squeeze pages, thank you pages, survey pages, and so much more all with a SUPER simple drag and drop builder. My conversion rate shot up 75% once I started to use Wishloop! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Optimizepress – This is a complete wordpress theme that gives that ability to create squeeze pages, sales letters, landing pages, blogs, etc… It’s a very good and popular all in one option.

Instabuilder 2.0 – This is a wordpress plugin that allows you to create stunning, guru style optin pages, sales pages, thank you pages, download pages, and much more in a very short amount of time.

So have a look at these and see what you think. If you already have your own high converting squeeze page or pages, then you can just use them instead and skip this part.

That’s it for squeeze pages. Now there are many plugins and software out there that allow you create squeeze pages. You can use anything you want. I just wanted to give you some of the ones that I use. Also if you can code your own or outsource an HTML squeeze page then more power to you!

Click Tracking Software

Now this is technically optional, but I feel that you will always need some sort of tracking software so you can track the traffic that is coming into your funnel. Like how much traffic, where from, how many opt-ins you get and so on.

The traffic method that I will be suggesting in the course is going to require some sort of tracking software to track the amount of clicks you get to your squeeze page.

There are tracking programs that only track clicks, which might be okay to start with if you are on a low budget, but these won’t tell you how many new opt-ins (new subscribers) that you got on your list.

There are many out there but the one that I use every day is called Clickmagick.

Clickmagick allows you to track clicks, opt-ins, redirect traffic from certain countries, see what countries your traffic came from, track sales, and much more!

Lastly, you are going to need wordpress. This is free. I would highly suggest getting nice theme from Theme Forest where you can find thousands of professional themes.

The Funnel

The main concept is this:

Funnel M

That is a very basic concept. In each step the main things that will change are the funnel and the followup. The funnels are basically evolving depending on what you want to achieve.

This funnel is build specially for building a list from scratch. The main traffic source that will be used is Solo Ads.

If you don’t know, a solo ad is an advertisement that is sent to another marketers email list and is based off a specific number of clicks that will go to that ad. I have come up with a funnel that allows you to either break even or profit from buying solo ads.

There will be some investment needed with this funnel since you will be buying solo ads. We are not too worried about making money at the point. We just want to be focused on getting our list to about 2000-3000 subscribers.

But if we can break even (FREE LISTBUILDING) or make a profit on the way to the 2000 or 3000 subscriber mark, then that’s definitely a bonus and this funnel can definitely make that happen!

Okay, so the funnel that is used for this utilizes offers called Pay Per Lead offers. I will refer to these as PPL from now on. These are basically offers/squeeze pages that belong to other product owners.

What happens is, you can send traffic to their squeeze page and for every person that opts in, they will pay you anywhere between $1.50 – $2.50 or more depending on the PPL program.

The reason I decided to implement PPL into this funnel is because the quality of solo ad traffic has shifted compared to a couple years ago. What seems to happen a lot is you get a bunch of Freebie Seekers on your list.

When you buy a solo ad, you are enticing the visitors to opt in to receive something for free, whether it is a free eBook, video, product, or just information. So you will get a lot of people just wanting that free gift and wanting more free stuff from there on.

So what we want to do is capitalize on this and basically GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT!

We do this by implementing PPL offers. You promote these to your list and they opt in and keep getting something for free and every time they do that, YOU GET PAID!

Do you see the power in that? This is what allows you to be able to either break even or profit from buying solo ads and sending them through your funnel.

So what I am going to do now is show you the funnel but please keep in mind that there are a few different options here and I will show you all of them and go over them in detail. You decide which one suites you best.

Funnel N

In this first funnel we are using a pretty standard setup.

First you buy a solo ad and that traffic will get directed your squeeze page offering something for free.

If the visitor opts in, then we will redirect them directly to what’s called a Thank You page.

On this page, you will have a link to download their free gift. This can be just a headline that says “download your free _______ below” and then you will have a hyperlink that redirects to a PPL offer.

Yes they will have to enter their email again in that PPL offer, but they will think that they need to do this in order to access the free gift.

Now, on that thank you page you also want to have an “Unannounced Bonuses” section underneath.

You can put like 3 – 5 links to bonuses and these will all redirect to PPL offers. This will give you more of a chance to make more money.

Be creative here. You can have hyperlinks just saying “Bonus 1” , “Bonus 2” , etc… you can have images, or you can make the hyperlink text the same as the headline of the PPL offer that they are getting redirected to.

Here is an example:


I have about 3 more underneath the two that you see above and they would all redirect to PPL offers. You would create this Thank You page with wordpress and some sort of theme or plugins

This is why I suggested you get Instabuilder 2.0 as it handles a lot of what you need (squeeze pages, TY pages, Sales pages, etc). But if you have another option or can create it yourself via html, then that’s fine as well.

Once you have the TY page created, you will want to add this to your web form, as the thank you page, that you create in Aweber. You will find this in the webform settings. That way the subscriber gets redirected to PPL offer after they opt in.

That’s pretty much it for that part of the funnel. Next you are going to want to set up some followup emails.

In the first email you are going to want to welcome them and in this case you are going to want to give them the opportunity to grab some more “FREE” bonuses again. This time I would just type out like three extra bonuses. You can make these the same as you did on your TY page if you want or use new ones.

If you use the same PPL offers, than you can just make a different Headline or Call to action for these bonuses in the welcome email.

Here is quick example:

Subscription Successful! Access to Free Gifts Inside..

Welcome and thanks for signing up to my list!

I hope you enjoyed the free gift “GIFT NAME FROM TY PAGE”

It is jam packed with a ton of valuable information and I am confident that if you take action you can be successful.

As a further thank you and reward for subscribing, I wanted to make sure you had access to these free bonuses:

Bonus 1 – “LINK”
Bonus 2 – “LINK”
Bonus 3 – “LINK”

By the way, I will be sending out more emails every now and then…

…so you can expect me to help you even more and you will hear from me often. You will receive content, software, training, videos, products and more!

However, know that if I ever promote a product and you purchase it through one of the links in my emails, I might get a commission. But also know that I will NEVER promote garbage that doesn’t work.

I genuinely care about getting you to the point of making a full time income online just like I was able to achieve…

Just wanted to be clear and upfront with you.That’s it for now and I will be in touch soon.

To your success,
Kenny Tan

That is just an example of a welcome email that you can use. Now what you want to do is create 3-7 follow up emails to go out automatically every day. For each one, you will pick a PPL offer to promote and write some swipe that is related to that PPL offer.

You want to make sure to set these up as automated follow up messages, that way these go out without you having to do a single thing.

What I like to do for the subject line of these messages is add [Daily Freebie] in the beginning. You can do that as well or something similar. This way they know this is their daily free gift. I also do this because they could possibly get two emails from us which I will explain later.

So far, can you see how powerful this funnel is?

You are getting people on your list where most of them will want free stuff… there are buyers as well… but most of them will want free stuff and right now we want to appeal to them as they will help us make the most money in this funnel.

If one subscriber opts into 2, 3, 4 or more of these PPL offers, then you are making profit and raising the value of that subscriber just by sending them to a squeeze page giving away something for free. It’s pretty awesome!

Now let’s talk about how we can monetize these subscribers even further.

Every day you are going to have the automated PPL emails going out. But remember, I said that there are buyers from solo ads also. So let’s try and make money from them as well, as an added bonus.

Monitizing Your Leads

What you do is find affiliate offers, CPA offers, or whatever you want and promote these to your list via a Broadcast.

A broadcast is a single email blast that you send to your list.

Now you might be thinking “That means we are sometimes sending two emails a day to our list”… well that’s perfectly okay.

The thing is not everyone will even see or open your PPL email, so if they see your blast, then it might seem like only one email to them. Even if they do see both emails, it will be fine.

These subscribers are actually used to seeing multiple emails per day since they are on so many other lists. You may get unsubscribes because of this, but that is okay… that will always happen.

With building a list in general, but especially with solo ads, you are going to always want to be adding more subscribers to your list constantly. As long as you have more coming in than going out then you are golden.

So in the end you now can break even from buying solo ads if the initial subscribers coming in through your squeeze page take advantage of your PPL offers on your TY page.

If they opt into more than one PPL offer or you have enough subscribers that do so, there is a possibility that you could break even on your solo ad purchase which means you are building your list for free.

Better yet you could possibly profit from a solo ad right away… but even if you don’t on the TY page, each subscriber will then be going through the rest of your PPL funnel via automated email follow-ups, so you can increase the amount of profit from that subscriber later from the funnel.

Lastly, on top of that, you will be promoting Affiliate offers so there is even more profit to potentially be made.

Now before we move on, I wanted to talk about tracking your results. This is why I suggested the tracking program Clickmagick earlier.

You will be buying solo ads so you will want some sort of tracking software to track how many clicks you got from that solo ad and how many opt-ins you got. That way you can know how successful that solo ad was from that seller and then you can go back to them and buy some more. You would place the opt-in conversion code from you click tracking software on the TY page.

I will talk about where you can buy solo ads in the resource section at the end of this article

This is just another option you can use.

Everything is the same for the most part except the page you redirect to after someone opts in.

In “Funnel Option #1” you send them to a thank you page with the “download” that when clicked, it will take them to a PPL offer and you then had bonuses underneath.

With this funnel, you are going to direct the new subscriber directly to a PPL offer instead of a TY page. One of the main benefits of using this, is you are guaranteed that the new subscriber is going to see at least one PPL offer.

With “Funnel Option #1”, it required them to actually take another step to click on the download or at least one of the bonus PPL offers and then another step to opt into it.

Sometimes a new subscriber will just exit the TY page and not do anything at all. In “Funnel Option #2” we are hitting them with a PPL offer right away.

Now you may be thinking that the visitor may not like going directly to another squeeze page, and some may not, but from my testing the majority of new subscribers that opt into your squeeze page, will also opt into this one as well.

They might think in their head that this is the free offer that you were referring to on the first squeeze page. It would be best to construct the headline of your squeeze page to refer to the PPL offer that they will be directed to so it matches up.

Now for the email follow-up, it is completely the same. So refer to “Funnel Option #1”, again if needed.

Another benefit for this funnel is that you do not need a wordpress theme in order to implement it. You would just need hosting, a domain and squeeze page software. If you are using a squeeze page plugin then you would at least need wordpress, but that is free to install.

If you are using a click tracking software to track your opt-ins, you would not be able to do so with this specific set up since you are not sending them to a thank you page after they opt in unless you are using Wishloop.

You would have to have what’s called a “redirect” page where you would place your opt-in conversion code from your software. You would not be able to do it with this funnel set up because you do not own the pages that they are being redirected to unless you are using Wishloop.

In “Funnel Option #3”, it is very similar to the last funnel except you are going to direct them to an affiliate offer instead. This will give you the ability to possibly make bigger commissions on the front end of your funnel.

The email followup series would remain the same. The goal here is to get a high converting affiliate offer so you can make more on the front end, but still capitalize on the freebie seekers in the followup series.

Again if you are using a click tracking software to track your opt-ins, you would not be able to do so with this specific set up unless you are using Wishloop..


Now you need to choose one of these funnels, put it together, and then start buying solo ads.

The goal for this funnel is to help you hit 3,000 subscribers using the fastest way and minimal cost.

You should be able to get about 40-50 clicks from your list per email broadcast. Once this happens and by this time you should start to scale up and plan for which direction you want to take or what suites you best.


Udimi – I put Udimi on top is because it’s one of the best solo ads market place. It has internal filtering where all the junk and BOTs clicks are automatically filtered out. You can also search for sellers that has got # of sales and more with a lot of choices. It’s free to join – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Solochecker – The newest solo ad marketplace in the industry. Here you can buy and sell solo ads. There are many sellers with very good reputation. The interface is very simple to use. This requires a paid subscription but it is worth every penny.

SoloAdsX – Another newer solo ad marketplace with many sellers. Rating system, feedback system, and many more features to ensure you are buying from top quality sellers!

Warriorforum – In the classified ads section there are many solo ad sellers that are advertising their solo ad services.

Solo Ads Testimonials – Facebook group constantly updated with new testimonials so you can see what traffic is converting well now!

Solo Ads Sales Testimonials – Same as above except you will see which solo ad vendors traffic is actually producing sales!


Buying Solo Ads can be very fun and profitable BUT there are a lot of unethical scammers that’s sending BOTs traffics to unsuspecting buyers.

You are risking your Autoresponder account getting ban if keep getting BOTs subscribers or WORST, ALL your Follow Ups & and Broadcast will go to “SPAM” folder if you keep sending Follow Ups & and Broadcast to fake BOTs emails!

You will also lose your “Affiliate” account if you keep sending BOTs clicks to your “Affiliate” links! So, eliminate all these unnecessary problems out of ignorant by getting your clicks from UDIMI as they’ve got a very good filter to eliminate all the BOTs.

MDD Hosting

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The Conversion Pro

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Click Tracking Software:

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