What is Spam?

Basically there are 2 types of spam ie: Usenet spam and Email spam but we are only going to talk about Email spam as this website is consist mainly about Email Marketing.

Usually when we are talking about spam, most people think that spam is sending unsolicited email but it’s more complicated than that.

What is consider spam?

According to can-spam act:

  • Using false or misleading email header
  • Deceptive Subject
  • Failure to identify messages as advertisement
  • Did not specify your valid physical postal address
  • Did not include an unsubscribe link in your mass mail
  • Did not honor opt out request

What I want to add to the above is, sending mass mail to someone without consent is also consider spam but how can I prove that this particular person optin or give me consent to mass mail him?

Well the only way you can prove it is to do a double optin or some will call it confirmed optin. Meaning, once you enter your email and hit the subscribe button, the Autoresponder will automatically send you an email to confirmed that it’s really you who subscribe by clicking on a link in the confirmation email.

The latest EU GDPR law requires you to do double optin and a checkbox confirming the user agreed for you to send them emails.

So, make sure you comply with all the rule before you start to binge click the send button on your autoresponder and most important of all, don’t go harvesting email address all over the internet or buy leads by the thousands, import to your autoresponder and start sending mass mail.

You will only get yourself into trouble with the law and of course you will be ban by all the available Email Service Providers that exist. As a result, your email marketing journey ends before you start.

Think before you act: Spam is a very serious crime!